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The most powerful voice about development of the 2019 forklift industry is gived by Secretary General of the Industrial Vehicles Branch of China Construction Machinery Industry Association

 2019-02-18   3118

    In 2018, with the joint efforts of the whole industry, China's industrial vehicle industry once again experienced a period of high growth. The sales volume of mobile industrial vehicles was only one step away from the 600,000 mark, and domestic and export doubled a record high.The series of models generally increased, with total sales reaching 597,152 units in the whole year, up 20.21% compared with the same period of 2017; domestic market sales of 430,229 units, up 15.96% compared with the same period of 2017; exports reaching 166,923 units, compared with the same period of 2017 32.77%.

    In 2019, facing the complicated and ever-changing market environment at home and abroad, after two consecutive years of high growth, adjustment is inevitable, but industry players must strengthen their confidence, and China is still the world's largest market.The international competitiveness of our products is constantly improving, and the production capacity and efficiency are at the best stage in history; no matter whether the whole machine or supporting technology is continuously improving and perfecting; the road of upgrading products from economical to value has been launched; new sales and The service model is being tested by the market and users.

    In the future, electric forklifts, new energy forklifts, and storage forklifts are still hot spots in the market; with the help of the Internet and information technology, unmanned driving, remote monitoring, diagnosis, management, etc. will meet the multi-faceted needs of users;The direction of automation and intelligence is highly concerned. Intelligent manufacturing and smart logistics require partners with comprehensive, professional, high-quality, high-efficiency and advanced technology system integration capabilities. There will be competent companies in the industry to continue to transform from product suppliers to total solution providers.The new profit growth point will show some new changes as the industry gradually moves from the "incremental era" to the "stock era". "equipment renewal", "buy-to-rent" and "service upgrade" are important paths.Advance layout is very important; enhance brand awareness, consolidate the technical foundation, focus on industrial upgrading and the needs of industry segments, and concentrate on the strength of the whole industry to achieve the overall improvement of industrial vehicles is our new goal.