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1.5 Ton Three-wheel electric forklift truck

Model FB15S
Maximum load capacity kg 1500
Maximum lifting height mm 3000
with load center at mm 500
Front Overhang mm 160
 Tiltiing angle (up/down) (°) 3°/ 5°
Travel speed (without load) km/h 5.6
Travel speed (with load) km/h 5.2
Lifting speed (without load) mm/s 127
Lifting speed (with load) mm/s 85
Lowered speed (without load) mm/s 144
Lowered speed (with load) mm/s 162
Ascend slope ability (without load ) % 8
Ascend slope ability (with load ) % 5
Weight (with battery) kg 2110
Overall length of frame  (with fork) mm 2680
Overall length  (without fork) mm 1610
Overall width of frame mm 940
Overhead guard height mm 1985
Mast lowered height mm 1985
Max height(mast lifted with backrest) mm 3726
Wheelbase mm 1250
Fork length mm 1070
Fork width mm 100
Fork lowered height mm 35
Min frounf height mm 55
Turning radius mm 1490
width of theoretical  minimum  aisle for right-angle  stacking (1200x1000) mm 2649
Front wheel   Φ215×85(2)
Drive wheel   Φ230×75(1)
Wheel material polyurethane
Drive motor type AC series motor
Rated output kw 1.5
Hoist motor type DC series motor
Rated output kw 2.2
Voltage V 24
Capacity AH 240
Weight kg  230
brake  electromagnetic


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