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Warranty certificate of exported forklift By 
XIAMEN LTMG Co., Ltd(Hereafter referred to as LTMG)warrants its product to be free from defects in materials and workmanship when property operated under normal working conditions for which it is designed.


LTMG承诺:如我司产品在最终用户的正常使用过程中以提单日为准的一年内(2000工作小时内,以先到为准),经LTMG 确认由于制造或材料不良等原因发生故障的任何零、部件(非易损件)都将免费提供更换件。更换件将与下一批产品次一同发货。或者由买方承担运费及所涉及税费,LTMG 负责发货。(发动机全球联保,根据当地质保政策进行保修。易损件不予保修。)
LTMG guarantee to supply free replacement parts to any defective(except quick-wear part) of LTMG product which proved to be defective in material or workmanship when under proper operation during one year from date of B/L date(in 2000 working hours whichever occurs first.). we can replace the spare part to you with next bargain for free. Or we will supply the free-of-charge spare parts while the buyers will be charged for all the postage and taxation for the spare parts delivered from the Seller.(The engine has global service and the quick-wear part without any warranty)
This warranty is available on the products defectiveness only. LTMG is not deemed to be responsible for the loss as the consequence of the products defectiveness, like profit loss, cost loss, sales loss, business and financial reputation loss as well as other losses.
PS: If there is ambiguity, the Chinese shall prevail.