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The world's largest tonnage side forklift was exported to Oman
Release Date:2022-12-05 Views:143

On November 30, 2022, LTMG exported a 12-ton side forkliftto Oman. This is currently the world's largest tonnage side forklift. The export of this forklift also shows that LTMG's manufacturing capacity has reached international standards.



After 6 months of cooperation between the technical departments of the company, the 12 ton side forklift was inspected and delivered to the customer. The side forklift is equipped with imported hydraulic fittings, a transmission imported from Okamura, Japan, and reinforced support legs. The lifting efficiency of the truck is increased by 15% and the chassis is stable, which improves the user's operating experience.


Out of The Factory

Side forklifts have advantages for long goods, mainly used for long objects such as wood, metallurgy, construction, petrochemical, railway, wood, steel, cement, etc., because long goods are parallel to the body, this kind of forklift can not be limited by the width of the channel , can process long goods faster. During the storage process, when the car body enters the channel, the forks can face the shelves or goods. During loading and unloading operations, the forklift can work without turning. This feature makes the side lift truck suitable for narrow aisle work, with superior features unmatched by other forklifts and trucks.



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