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Winter Maintenance Tips for Lithium Electric Forklifts
Release Date:2023-01-30 Views:497

Dear LTMG forklift users,

The wind is bitterly cold, and the severe winter is quietly coming.The temperature has plummeted to below 0in most areas. LTMG warmly reminds you to pay attention to add clothes to keep warm. In addition, in order to ensure the lithium electric forklift can be well used in low temperature environment, you can follow the following tips.

1. To ensure the durability of the battery, please make full use of the residual heat when the battery is discharged after the forklift is used, and charge it in an environment above 5°C.

2. Please avoid completely discharging the battery and charge it before the forklift's power falls below 20%.

3. Please leave the forklift parked when it is fully charged. And please do not park the forklift in low battery condition in low temperature environment for a long time, so that the battery will not open the low temperature protection mode and cannot be charged.

4. When the forklift is already in low temperature protection, please move the battery to indoor and wait for the battery to recover before charging.

5. If the forklift is not used for a long time, please park it with full charge and unplug the battery connector, and check whether the battery status is maintained at 80%-90% periodically.

6.Please don't park the truck in the outdoor low temperature environment for a long time, if the conditions allow, please park the truck indoors.


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