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The Penetration Rate Of Electric Forklift Increases, The Export Market Is Promising
Release Date:2022-10-11 Views:605

    In recent years, with the continuous attention to health, environmental protection and energy saving, the sales market structure of forklift truck in China is also constantly adjusted and optimized, and the utilization rate of electric forklift truck is also increasing. In 2021, the total sales volume of electric forklifts increased by 43.90% year on year, among which the export sales volume increased by about 30% year on year. From 2007 to 2021, the penetration rate of electric forklift sales has risen to 41% through the initial 21%. In this decade, the use rate of electric forklift has more than doubled, and according to the current development situation, it will still climb further in the later stage of development. In 2021, the sales volume of electric balanced repassenger forklift increased by 32.41% year-on-year, among which, export sales increased by 25.05% year-on-year. In addition, electric walking storage forklift has the fastest growth, with a year-on-year growth of 51% in 21 years. In 2021, electric walking storage forklift pins increased by 50.93% year on year, among which, export sales increased by 29.94% year on year. The production cost of electric walking forklift is low, so the market price is also relatively low, which is widely used in warehouse management. The increase in sales of warehouse forklifts indicates that the industrial vehicle industry is increasing its demand for logistics and increasing its awareness of warehouse management. However, compared with Western developed countries, there is still a big gap in the technical level and use coverage of warehouse forklift in China. Therefore, we can open up a new blue sea of forklift by increasing the upgrade and optimization of warehouse forklift in the future. In addition, due to the rising labor cost and the continuous development of information technology, it is expected that the growth rate of domestic electric walking storage forklift will continue to gradually replace the widely used manual pallet truck, so as to re-establish the status of electric walking storage forklift in the domestic logistics and storage industry.

Table 1   Forklift export in recent years


     As can be seen from the figure, forklift exports account for 25-28%, and electric walking increases significantly. In the past 6 years, the proportion of forklift export in China has hovered around 25-28%, and the proportion of export is relatively high. In the specific composition, the proportion of internal combustion balanced heavy forklift with high value has reached more than half of the total export volume. At the same time, the proportion of electric walking type has increased significantly since 2020.

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