LTMG Forklift

Story With Client
  •              Nicha, the Procurement Manager from Ex-link CO., LTD., a local warehouse equipment distributor in Bangkok, was searching for reliable suppliers of warehouse equipment to meet their business demands. With the development of China's manufacturing industry in recent years, many overseas companies t...
  •              Recently, we received a photo of our friend Eduardo from Brazil with LTMG forklift. And gave us a message:"When I needed to buy a forklift urgently, I met Lucy, a friend of LTMG, she introduced me to the various configurations of the forklift in detail...
  •              "LTMG electric forklifts are very easy to use and quite perfect for us. If fully charged, we can use it all day. We are very happy to have LTMG forklifts in our warehouse! I hope we can use it for many years." Said Anderson, a customer from Spain.Anderson and EmployeesAndersonis an e...
  •              MUAis a well-known importer and distributor of international brands in Guatemala, with a high level of visibility and recognition in the country, and is currently the exclusive distributor of LTMG in Guatemala. Providing customers with the best solutions in the industry is MUA's business p...
  •              DEO is a port and shipping company in Russia. When purchasing container handling equipment, DEO hopes to deal with a mature and reliable company, so LTMG must compete with other well-known manufacturers. But it is precisely this opportunity that LTMG has shown its own strong competitiveness and adva...