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LTMG2022 year-end summary meeting and commendation ceremony
Release Date:2023-01-21 Views:372

On January 19, 2023, LTMG  held the 2022 year-end summary meeting and commendation ceremony at the LangHao Hotel in Xiamen as scheduled. Representatives of various functional departments and branches of the group company gathered together to summarize the achievements and deficiencies in 2022, and look forward to the goals and dreams in 2023. The harvest has been fruitful and the results have been remarkable.

The meeting kicked off with the speech of Devin Gou chairman of the group company. The chairman first made a macro review of the group's operating conditions in 2022, and fully affirmed the work achievements of various departments in 2022, especially for the The work of the R&D department and the production department is highly affirmed. In 2022, they will work together to launch new products such as pile driving, which will enrich the product line and obtain good market feedback. At the same time, Devin Gou also pointed out the problems and deficiencies in the work, and put forward the requirements for all departments of the group in the new year-continue to fulfill their duties and responsibilities, based on problems and work goals, adjust work ideas in a timely manner, pay attention to details, Implement measures and work together to provide customers with better products and services. In the end, Devin Gou concluded with the sentence "Thousands of hard work and tenacious blows return strength, let the wind from east to west, north and south" in the famous ancient Chinese book "Bamboo and Stone", which reflects the spirit of LTMG's fearlessness of difficulties and its enthusiasm for the new year. The determination to expand the territory!



Subsequently, the heads of various functional departments and representatives of branch companies sincerely and meticulously made a profound summary of the work in 2022, and everyone's hard work for a year was displayed in front of them like a picture. At the same time, he planned and looked forward to the plan for 2023 with firm will and confidence, and clarified the direction and goals for the new year.

Finally, Tinna Zheng, the marketing director of the group company, made a concluding speech. Tinna Zheng once again expressed her recognition and affirmation of everyone's achievements in 2022. At the same time, she also pointed out that we will face more severe challenges in 2023, but it is also a year full of opportunities. Therefore, in the new year, we must use new perspectives and new thinking , New concepts, uphold the power of concentration, perception, and sense to seize opportunities and meet challenges!



After the meeting, Devin Gou chairman of the group, and Tinna Zheng, marketing director, commended outstanding managers and outstanding employee representatives. I hope that everyone will make persistent efforts to achieve greater success.




With the end of the commendation ceremony, the LTMG2022 year-end summary meeting and commendation ceremony came to a successful conclusion. Summarizing the past and looking forward to the future, at the beginning of 2023, LTMG will take solid steps towards a promising future!