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Win-Win Cooperation for Development: Officials from Hexia Town, Huai'an District Visit LTMG for Inspection and Exchange
Release Date:2024-03-29 Views:756

On the afternoon of March 20, 2024, Wu Zhi, Party Committee Secretary of Hexia Street, Huai'an District, Li Youheng, Deputy Director of Huai'an Municipal Transportation Bureau, Sun Aizhong, Secretary of Qingong Town, Huai'an District, and Gao Liang, Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee Office, visited LTMG with the company of Liu Wei, President of Huai'an Chamber of Commerce in Xiamen, and Wu Anhua, Vice Secretary-General of the sub-council.


Devin Guo, the ceo of LTMG, warmly welcomed the government officials from Huai'an District and personally accompanied them to visit the company's production workshop, research and development center, and exhibition area. LTMG's main products include forklifts, excavators, loaders, and other construction machinery, and it has multiple independent brands. In order to enhance the competitiveness of its products in the overseas market, the company actively applied for and obtained the " Certificate of Export Commodity Brand ," further enhancing its brand image and market position.


Furthermore, LTMG is committed to technological research and innovation. The company has established a research and development center to closely follow market demand, continuously upgrade logistics machinery and construction machinery products, accurately meet the diversified international market demands, ensure that its product line keeps pace with the times, and adapt to the complex and variable engineering standards and user requirements of various countries and regions. At the same time, the company is also actively exploring the international market and has established long-term stable cooperative relationships with customers in many countries and regions.

In terms of business philosophy, LTMG always regards product quality as the foundation of enterprise survival and customer satisfaction as the basis of development. It strictly controls the quality management of the entire chain to ensure the delivery of high-quality and high-level products to customers, winning widespread market acclaim and customer trust. In the meanwhile, the company actively fulfills its social responsibilities, participates in public welfare undertakings, and contributes to social development.

After understanding the basic situation of LTMG, the officials of Huai'an District highly praised the company's advanced production equipment, exquisite manufacturing technology, and innovative research and development capabilities. All of them had in-depth exchanges on the development trends of the machinery manufacturing industry, technological innovation, talent cultivation, and other aspects, and discussed the possibility of future cooperation.


This exchange and learning trip not only deepened the friendship and cooperation between Huai'an and LTMG but also laid a solid foundation for their future common development. It is believed that with the joint efforts of both sides, a new win-win situation will be opened, effectively driving the regional economy forward and blooming into a brilliant and prosperous scene.