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LTMG Customer Feedback Video Activity, share your story with us!
Release Date:2023-09-01 Views:332

Since its establishment, LTMG has always been committed to providing professional solutions for global customers in the logistics handling industry, and now serves customers in more than 180 countries and regions around the world. The real feedback from customers is the essential perspective for buyers! Now we sincerely invite LTMG new and old customers to participate in the #ltmgstories customer feedback video collection activity and share your story with LTMG together! Join us and let your voice make an impact on more people's purchasing decisions!



I. Activity Time

Collection time: 2023.09.01-2023.11.30


II.Format & Reward

lShare your feedback video with LTMG to get rewards (accessories/gifts)

lShare the product videos to your personal social accounts(FacebookInstagramYoutube, Tiktok, Twitter, Linkedinetc.) with #ltmgstories and #ltmg hashtag, and you can also buy your favorite products at a discounted price!


III. Video Topic of Product Feedback

lMy story with LTMG: explain or give a simple and short blessing in front of the machine.

lOn-board operation of machine: first-person view operational video with explanations.

lActual Machine use: videos of the machine actually working in different scenarios.

lArrival and unboxing video


IV. Video requirements of Product Feedback

lSize and Duration: The video size should be 9:16 or 16:9, without watermark, and the duration should be between 1-3 minutes.

lTry to make sure the video image is not blurred or shaky, and the brand logo is clear.

lNo background limitation on the explanation and blessing video


V. Ways to Submission

lSend your email to

lGet in touch with the LTMG salesman who serves you directly to learn more and pitch in!



We look forward to your sharing of the story with LTMG! For more information, click here to leave a comment.