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What can Metaverse technology bring to the forklift industry in the future?
Release Date:2023-05-30 Views:389

What is the Metaverse? Broadly speaking, the Metaverse is a visually rich virtual space where people can work, play, shop, socialize, etc. You can imagine that you really exist in a virtual world, and feel that other people are with you. Then, with the development of Metaverse in the future, what changes will it bring to the forklift industry?



1.More intuitive forklift product introduction.

In the metaverse, users can use virtual characters to understand the appearance, technical parameters, structure and application conditions of forklifts more intuitively through virtual reality technology. In the virtual world, users can switch scenes in the virtual showroom to more conveniently and intuitively understand the different functions of forklifts and the different roles they can play in different working conditions. 


2. Immersive publicity and promotion.

In the metaverse world, the ways for users to access information are more diversified. By placing forklift product promotion in virtual reality, promotion methods that cannot be realized in reality can be realized one by one. Compared with the pictures and videos in the big data promotion of the e-commerce platform, this push method can undoubtedly allow customers to leave a more intuitive impression on forklift products, thereby increasing the probability of purchasing equipment in reality.


2. Virtual reality technology is applied to new product design.

Through virtual reality simulation of forklift product structure, designers can realize the design and transformation of new forklift products in the Metaverse. At the same time, according to the actual feedback from the market, function additions and deletions and structure debugging can be carried out in the virtual design scheme, and the collaboration of R&D centers in various places can be realized through the virtual world, so as to broaden the mind and improve the efficiency of new product development.


3. A new training method.

Forklift manufacturers can use the virtual world to train users and after-sales teams on equipment maintenance and repair. Through the image and sound technology in the virtual world, users can be provided with a more intuitive forklift product manual, and can more clearly let users understand the use of equipment and contraindications. At the same time, the after-sales team can also conduct service training, and can interact with the support team in real time at the customer repair site, so as to troubleshoot faster.


4. Realize virtual test ride and test drive.

Forklift sales stores can allow customers to test drive forklifts in the virtual world by connecting external somatosensory devices, allowing customers to feel the driving experience of the product without sufficient site safety conditions, so that the store It is possible to provide customers with a more realistic experience on a smaller scale.