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Spring forklift maintenance tips
Release Date:2017-03-03 Views:430

The spring of new year, with the temperature rise and the progress of the project started, forklifts will be a heavy load period after experiencing the winter. In this period, it is necessary to check and maintenance forklifts.

Body paint

It is necessary to clean the body regularly after a dry, dusty, snowmelt and long-term use. Alternating cold and warm, the body of the paint is prone to change, if you have some bumps in your use, it is easy to be painted. In addition, more rain in the spring, the rain of acidic substances will damage the forklifts’ paint and body. In the use of forklifts, the body should be checked regularly whether the paint, body be damaged. If this happened, please fill the paint as soon as possible to prevent the depth of corrosion, the damage to the vehicle structure and the effect of performance.


After a long period of winter after use, you should carefully check whether the forklift chassis be damaged. If it is damaged, it should be  repairtimely, and do the good job for anti-rust seal work.


If your forklift products have a closed cab and equipped with wipers, after summer, autumn and winter triples, sun exposure, rain and snow erosion, wind and frost low temperature, easy to make the wipers of the tape aging, to cause the wiper to fail to properly clean the rain on the windshield. Before the spring comes, we have to check the wiper as soon as possible, first check whether the wiper can work properly, then check whether the wiper tape need to be replaced. If the wiper can not work properly, it is necessary to replace the wiper assembly. If you find the wiper can not completely clean up rainwater, it is necessary to replace the wiper bar. In addition, the doors, windows of the sealing tape should also be cleaned and maintained.


About the tire inspection, we mainly check on the tire pattern wear, tire pressure. You should check whether the nut is loose or not, and clean the stones and other debris in the gap, so that the service life of the tyre can be effectively prolonged. If driving feels that there is a deviation or a swing, you should go to the service station for four wheel alignment or dynamic balance check. In addition, the use of overload will cause serious damage to the tire, please note that the safety of use.


About oil inspection let me introduce for you. Use the oil caliper to determine how much oil you need and whether or not you need it. Then apply a small amount of oil to the white paper on the oil gauge and judge the quality of the oil by color. If the color is tan, you have to replace the oil; if the color is yellow, and good liquidity, you do not need to replace.

Coolant fluid

Spring temperatures gradually picked up, and some friends found water tank in the cooler, you should use clear water to replenish. At this time the vehicle antifreeze is not the theme, but the water is easy to produce water alkali, rust, and low boiling point, easily lead to "boil."Therefore, the coolant can not be changed into clean water at your willing.


For electric forklift batteries, we mainly check whether the positive and negative pole posts loose, corrosion. It is to ensure that it doesn't break. In addition, please check, add battery electrolyte, to ensure the normal use of the battery in time. Specific practices please refer to Dalian forklift topic about the "battery forklift maintenance" .


Please double check the connection of the whole car harness, whether there are wireless skin cracking, loose, poor contact and so on.

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