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How to make maintenance of your electric forklift battery
Release Date:2018-08-30 Views:409

Electric forklift is economical, environmentally friendly. It won't be emissions, and does not produce noise. In the running process, it does not produce carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide or other causes of global warming and air pollution harmful gases. And it has longer service life.

But without proper maintenance, even the best equipment will fail prematurely and increase your costs. And battery as the power source is one of the most important part of the electric forklift, many customers do not have much ideas about the maintenance of it.

Mostly you can find it in the guide, so here we will just list some points that you need to be care:

1. Clean up external dust and debris in time, wipe it with a damp cloth, do not use a dry cloth to prevent static electricity. That is easy but you need to be careful and keep on doing it regularly.


2. Regularly check whether the positive and negative pole posts loose, corrosion. It is to ensure that it doesn't break.



3.Be aware of the battery fluid loss, the plate must be immersed in the battery fluid. If not, add pure water (distilled water), do not add other untreated water. It does has a significant impact on battery performance and service life. After hydration, the liquid level should be higher than the splash guard 5-10 mm.


4.The refill plug should be slightly opened during battery charging (let gas flow out during charging). As shown in the figure, the opening is about 30 degrees, better not to open it completely, to avoid foreign matter floating in during charging and electrolyte splashing during charging.


5.Regularly check the electrolyte concentration after charging, if it is too low, better ask a professional to solve it.


5.Regular recharge, take care of the temperature of the battery. If it is too high, cool it down or stop charging;

6.Avoid over discharge, better charge before the battery runs out.

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