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Delivering the Power of China's Machinery Manufacturing: LTMG's Canton Fair Tour Ends Successfully
Release Date:2023-10-19 Views:143

        On October 19, 2023, the first phase of the 134th China Import and Export Fair came to a successful end, LTMG brought its own strength products to the construction machinery exhibition area (Booth No. 12.0C30) for a five-day exhibition, during which it received more than 500 professional buyers from all over the world to come to LTMG's booth for negotiation, which conveyed the power of China's construction machinery manufacturing to the world!


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        Compared with the previous exhibition, the larger scale and higher flow of people is one of the most significant features of this year's Canton Fair. As a strong manufacturer of material handling equipment and engineering machinery equipment in China, LTMG attracted many buyers to come and consult with us, and the number of customers received on the first morning of the exhibition reached the amount of the whole day of the last exhibition, and some of the customers signed orders on the spot after operating the products themselves. The 2.5-ton electric forklift on display became the "star product" of LTMG booth. The fresh lake-blue appearance and the powerful performance of integrated drive unit, AC control technology, lithium standardization, etc. attracted many buyers' eyes, and the test-drive experience of the buyers came one after another and highly appreciated the operation experience.


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        In addition to many new customers meeting for the first time, LTMG also met with many old friends who have been cooperating with us for a long time. 2023 has already come to an end, and it is a good time for both sides to discuss the changes in the regional market and to exchange their purchasing needs for next year, and LTMG's exhibitors took the opportunity to discuss the details of new cooperation with many of the old customers and invited them to visit the new factory of Shandong Province, which was inaugurated at the beginning of this year after the show. After the show, they were invited to visit LTMG's new plant in Shandong, which was completed earlier this year, to experience LTMG's latest productivity.


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        LTMG has gained a lot during the five-day trip to the Canton Fair, not only signed orders far exceeding the expected amount, but also successfully conveyed the power of Chinese machinery manufacturing to the world. Although the exhibition has ended, the cooperation between LTMG and global customers is still going on, LTMG will continue to dedicate itself to R&D and innovation to create more excellent products and provide excellent solutions for global customers.


        LTMG is looking forward to seeing you again at the next Canton Fair!