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LTMG Customer Visit to Iran ------Making Us a Warm Family
Release Date:2023-11-09 Views:101

As a pillar of China's construction machinery industry, LTMG has always been committed to promoting a global operational strategy. Every year, LTMG organizes overseas customer visits to strengthen communication and connections with global customers. In 2023, with the improvement of COVID-19, LTMG continues to visit global customers, showcasing the development power of Chinese machinery manufacturing to the world! On October 28th, Justin Zhang, the Overseas  Division manager of LTMG, together with his team visited Khadrel LLC in Iran.

As a distributor in Iran, Khadrel LLC has been maintaining a stable partnership with LTMG for over three years. In the Iranian market, LTMG's products also have received a warm response and welcome. During this visit to Iran, in addition to enhancing mutual understanding and deepening their cooperation, LTMG also provided the latest technical guidance to Khadrel LLC, enabling them to better serve their local end customers.


At 2:00 PM local time, Hassan, the manager of Khadrel LLC, warmly received the LTMG team that both parties had friendly discussions on the market situation for construction machinery in the Middle East region this year, as well as details of past collaborations which focused on a batch of excavators purchased this year. Hassan mentioned, "This batch of excavators has great power,  receiving compliments on the strong performance of the main and auxiliary arms. They are highly competitive in the market. Last month, we successfully sold a batch of 23-ton crawler excavators and received praise from many customers."

Furthermore, Hassan provided feedback that some excavators in their factory had abnormal wear on certain parts. The LTMG team accompanied Hassan to their factory, and after careful inspection by the team's technical experts, it was discovered that the inappropriate lubricating oil used during routine maintenance of these excavators was the cause. Due to the high temperatures in Iranian summers, the viscosity and fluidity of the ordinary lubricating oil were affected, leading to decreased performance. Additionally, some front-line employees at Khadrel LLC were improperly adding lubricating oil, exceeding the upper limits indicated by the oil dipstick. The combination of these factors meant that the lubricating oil did not provide adequate protection for the machines, but instead increased component wear, resulting in unnecessary expenses.

With the guidance and assistance of LTMG's technical personnel, suitable lubricants were replaced, and the remaining excavators underwent thorough cleaning and maintenance. Justin emphasized that it was regular cleaning, maintenance, and adherence to proper operational procedures that would significantly impact the lifespan of the excavators. Hence, it is crucial for everyone to rigorously follow the product's operation manual during their work.



To facilitate Khadrel LLC's future maintenance and sales work, the LTMG technical team specifically designed a set of daily maintenance guidelines for them. Hassan expressed his gratitude, saying, "The attentive and considerate service provided by the LTMG team far exceeded our expectations! We look forward to more opportunities to collaborate with LTMG in the future."



During this visit to the Iranian customer, the LTMG team demonstrated their professional technical support and sincere service spirit, laying the foundation for a longer and deeper collaboration with Khadrel LLC in the future. Moving forward, LTMG will continue to adhere to the business philosophy of creating more value and more professional and efficient solutions for global customers through sincere service and high-quality products.