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Significant cost advantage: The average annual cost of using a forklift is less than 1/4 of the cost of an equivalent hauler
Release Date:2022-11-21 Views:38

According to data from China Industry Information Network, in recent years, the sales of internal combustion counterbalanced forklifts are dominated by 3-5 tons, accounting for more than 80%; the sales of electric counterbalanced forklifts over 3 tons account for more than 20%,the sales of electric counterbalanced forklifts with more than 3 tons account for more than 20%. From the perspective of the sales structure of counterbalanced forklifts, we believe that 3-5 tons is the main force of this type of forklift. We conduct a scenario analysis on a standard container with 1,000 pieces of goods, and simulate a 3-5t counterbalanced forklift. Equivalent relationship with pure manual loading and unloading. Assuming that the unloading of goods to the warehouse is carried out by pure human power, it usually requires 10 skilled stevedores to work continuously for about 1 hour. The unloading efficiency may also be affected by environmental factors such as weather, temperature and visibility, as well as internal factors such as workers’ health and physical fitness. A 3-5 ton counterbalanced forklift can carry 40 pieces of goods each time by means of pallets. In the same time, 25 pallets can be transported to put 1,000 pieces of goods neatly into the warehouse. The handling process mainly relies on mechanized operation, which is more efficient than manual labor. It is less affected by environmental factors, the handling process is more stable, and the loss of goods is also smaller. Therefore, the working capacity of a 3-5 ton counterbalanced forklift per unit time is approximately equal to 10 stevedores, and the effect of manual substitution is remarkable.


As labor costs continue to rise, the compound growth rate of wages for manufacturing operators and migrant workers over the past five years has been 9% and 7%, respectively. According to relevant data, the average annual use cost of a forklift is less than 1/4 of the equivalent labor cost, and the economy of the electric fork in the whole life cycle is better than that of the internal combustion engine. According to the assumptions, the annual comprehensive use cost of a 3-5 ton internal combustion and electric counterbalanced forklift is only 24% and 17% of the pure manual handling cost. The cost advantage of manual replacement is significant, and the electric forklift is better than the internal combustion. In the case of rising labor costs year by year, in order to reduce production costs and improve production efficiency, it will become an inevitable trend for downstream enterprises to replace labor with forklift trucks, and the forklift industry will usher in a long-term downstream market demand.

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