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Notes for driving electric forklift truck
Release Date:2021-10-21 Views:398
  • (1) When driving, the height from the bottom of the fork to the ground should be kept 300-400mm, and the mast should be tilted backward.

  • (2) Do not raise the fork too high while driving. When entering and leaving the job site or driving, pay attention to the obstacles that are scratched in the sky. When the load is driven, if the fork lifts too high, it will increase the height of the overall center of gravity of the forklift and affect the stability of the forklift.

  • (3) After unloading, lower the fork to the normal driving position before driving.

  • (4) When turning, if there are pedestrians or vehicles nearby, signal should be given and high-speed sharp turns should be prohibited. High-speed sharp turns will cause the vehicle to lose lateral stability and tip over.

  • (5) Internal combustion forklifts | electric forklifts are strictly prohibited from stalling and sliding when going downhill.

  • (6) For non-special circumstances, it is forbidden to brake suddenly while driving with a load.

  • (7) When driving with a load exceeding 7 degrees and using a speed higher than the first gear up and down, the brakes shall not be used except under special circumstances.

  • (8) The hydraulic forklift must abide by the traffic rules in the factory when it is running, and it must keep a certain safe distance from the front truck.

  • (9) When the forklift is running, the load must be at the lowest position that does not hinder the driving, and the mast must be tilted back properly. When stacking or loading, the load must not be increased. When transporting large objects, the object blocks the driver's sight, and the forklift should be reversed at this time.

  • (10) The steering of the electric forklift is controlled by the rear wheel, so it is necessary to always pay attention to the swing behind the vehicle to avoid the phenomenon of excessively sharp turns that often occur when beginners drive.

  • (11) It is forbidden to turn on the ramp, and should not drive across the ramp.

  • (12) When the forklift truck is going downhill, it should drive backwards to prevent the goods from falling over.

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